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m2msolution clients neotion

Projet description: M2M Solution also signs in 2015 a commercial agreement with Neotion to embedd home automation solution in Neotion's Box and therefore enrich Neotion's value proposition. NEOTION, a leading provider in secure solutions for Digital Pay-Tv industry, unveils its Neohome secure smart home solution and ecosystem – in partnership with M2M solution.

Leading on from the strong success of its concept demo last year during IBC, NEOTION has developed a complete and secure Smart Home solution combining a gateway with home automation capabilities and a wide range of easy-to configure ZigBee and Z-Wave home sensors and accessories under its "Neohome" brand name.".

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Castorama - Kingfisher Group

m2msolution clients castorama

Kingfisher group is a leading retailer and #3 worldwide. Kingfisher group has more than 80.000 employees and 950 retail stores in 8 countries. Each week million customers visit one of Kingfisher's retail stores. Castorama is the French brand of Kingfisher group.


Project description: Castorama launched Blyssbox, the group's automation solution in March 2012. The project was made possible thanks to collaboration between Kingfisher (Customer), M2M Solution (Integrator of the solution) and Avidsen (Accessories supplier). After more than 12 month development, the team was able to present the most state-of the-art, affordable and plug & play automation solution that was ever offered on the French mass market.

To better understand what's under the Blyssbox Project, please watch the following videos:

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Swisscom (through Myxyty)

m2msolution clients swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecommunications company and is headquartered in Ittigen, near the capital city, Berne. Over 20,000 employees generated revenue of CHF 11.43 billion in 2013. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.

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Projet description: In April 2015, Swisscom launched its home automation solution: SmartLife. Fully developed by M2M Solution, SmartLife works with a Zwave Gateway and covers security and safety needs for the residential market. The SmartLife Box is evolutive thanks to removable Dongles that can add new features, new RFs etc. In the communication campaign, the solution SmartLife is embodied by a friendly and protector knight, breaking with the traditional home automation solution campaigns, and responding to the swiss technical and cultural expectations.

To learn more about SmartLife project, watch that video.

Sagemcom (through Myxyty)

m2msolution clients sagemcom

Sagemcom is a leading broadband solution provider and high value added devices manufacturer (DSL boxes, set top boxes, smart meters…). In 2013 the group achieved a 1.2 billion euros turnover, employs 4200 people in more than 40 different countries – including 30% in France. Every year, more than 22 million devices are designed, manufactured and delivered worldwide by Sagemcom. Sagemcom has chosen Myxyty as a commercial partner and M2M Solution as technological partner for SmartLife, its home automation solution Intwo.

Websites: |

Projet description: Beginning of 2015, Sagemcom launched its home automation solution: Inwto in 4 European countries. Distributed by Sagecom's retail network, the Intwo box allows end users to secure their homes and control it remotely through their smarphone. Sagemcom and M2M Solution are also working to integrate home automation solution in Sagemcom's connected devices


m2msolution clients myxyty

Myxyty sells its own automation solutions for home security.


Project description: Myxyty has launched in 2010 its first offers with smart alarm systems based on M2M Solution's technology. Myxyty has a constant care for the evolution of its service. Myxyty is also a privileged partner of M2M Solution, which offers co-branded its interfaces, its service platform and gateways to corporate customers as part of tripartite commercial relationship with M2M Solution (eg Sagemcom Swisscom).

To learn more about Myxyty, watch the video.

You can test Myxyty's solutions:
login: demo2 / Password: demo2

Myxyty's in the media, click here.


m2msolution clients unadev

UNADEV is the biggest association in France for blind and visually impaired people. UNADEV offers its support to handicapped people and try through different initiatives, to give them their autonomy back.


Project description: UNADEV asked M2M Solution to develop a solution named HIBOU that would allow blind and visually impaired people to benefit from a global assistance : HIBOU is an automation solution at home, but also a mobile phone, GPS with embedded camera that allow users to have a constant assistance through their device. That way they can get their autonomy back.

To better understand what's under HIBOU project, you can watch the following video.


m2msolution clients honeywell

Honeywell is a leading group in home security and energy. Honeywell group employs more than 19.000 engineers and scientists and has more than 122.000 employees all over the world.


Project description: M2M Solution spent 14 months developing the group's telematics platform. Thanks to that platform, the group can deploy new offers of home alarm systems.


m2msolution clients virbac

Virbac: The Virbac Group is the n°8 laboratory for pets. Virbac sells its products on the 5 continents in more than 100 countries and through 27 subsidiaries out of France. Virbac had more than 3.150 employees in 2010.


Project description: Virbac has asked M2M Solution to develop a solution for pets based on a collar with GPS. This collar embeds a GPS and GPRS module to allow a real time connection and localization of the pet wherever it has gone. M2M Solution developed a multi-language application allowing international deployment.

Hub Telecom - Paris' Airports

m2msolution clients hub telecom

Hub Telecom is a subsidiary of ADP group (Paris' Airports) and a mobile solutions integrator. Hub Télécom has 6 regional agencies that support Paris' airport platforms: economic center, logistics sites, seaports and areas related to transportation, industry and distribution.


Project description: Hub Telecom asked M2M Solution to provide them with an integrated platform in order to manage its vehicles fleet. Based on GPS and tracking, this solution is deployed on Web interfaces and can be accessed through Computer, PDA and Smartphones.


m2msolution clients spqr

SPQR is the union of the Regional Daily Press.


Project description: SPQR committed M2M Solution for the development and delivery of a platform for remote management of dynamic screens (I-Media) via the Internet. This solution is based on an architecture composed of a set top box equipped with a GPRS SIM card and an application in ASP mode allowing the update of dynamic content on the screens through a secure FTP Server.