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We have received many Awards during the past months including:

CES 2017 Honoree Award in the smart home category,
French IoT La Poste,
IoT Innovation Worldcup 2016 for the smart home category,
Innovation Grand Prix 2015.

Who are we?

Pioneer of the machine-to-machine (M2M ) industry, M2M Solution is one of the few players who gathers the expertise for each step of the complex M2M technological chain. M2M Solution offers its corporate customers fully customized and yet turnkey solutions in white label.

The M2M Solution team, is composed of senior experts on all following expertise:

  • Electronics and hardware,
  • Firmware and embedded software,
  • Server infrastructures and service platform,
  • Back office and billing systems,
  • Graphic user interfaces (web, iPhone, android, IVR...) back office and front office,
  • Project management and business services.

Watch our video presentation to learn more about M2M Solution click here.

Historically open on all machine-to-machine applications, M2M Solution is now really focused on "connected home" services.

M2M Solution's headquarter is based in Sophia Antipolis. The R&D department is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.


M2M Solution was created in 2004 by Olivier Courtade who is a pioneer in the field of machine-to-machine in Europe. He started making objects communicate in 1998 with BALEASE, the second company he created.

BALEASE developed the first car alarm system with GPS and remote stop of the vehicle. COBRA group (#1 of car security) was vividly interested by this technological innovation and decided to merge with BALEASE in 2001. Today more than 200.000 vehicles are equipped with this car alarm system in more than 28 countries.

Olivier Courtade wanted to use this technology on a wider scale. In 2004 he created M2M Solution, a company providing machine-to-machine solutions on other applications than cars. M2M Solution developed different solutions on behalf of corporate customers, such as HoneyWell Secom, Hub Telecom, Virbac or SFR. In 2007 Olivier decides of a strategic shift: M2M Solution will focus on Connected Home and Home Services.

M2M Solution wants to democratize automation usage through mass market and shows it through its clients initiatives, Myxyty (2010), Castorama/Kingfisher Group (2011), Sagemcom (through Myxyty in 2013), Swisscom (through Myxyty in 2014) or Neotion (2015).

To learn more about M2M Solution's vision and market, click here.

The team

Olivier Courtade, M2M Solution's founder and CEO

m2msolution-ceo-olivier-courtadeOlivier Courtade is a 46 year old entrepreneur, pioneer on machine-to-machine solutions.

Here is his biography in few bullet points:

  • 1995: Olivier Courtade created his first company: Chronoflor.
  • 1998: Olivier decided to pursue his passion for telematics and created BA Lease. There he developped a technology combining GPS and GSM and installed his first server.
  • 2001: Olivier Courtade decided to merge BA Lease with COBRA group (N°1 in Europe for car alarm systems) in order to see his project deployed on the mass market.
  • 2004: Olivier Courtade created M2M Solution.
  • 2007: SFR became shareholder of M2M Solution. A strategic shift is made: M2M Solution will focus on connected home services.
  • 2009: Olivier Courtade created MYXYTY, a company that selling its own automation system under its own brand.
  • 2010: Olivier Courtade let Altran enter in M2M Solution's capital to increase rapidly its growth and international corporate development.
  • 2011: Olivier Courtade signed a contract with KingFisher Group (Castorama) who wanted M2M Solution to develop its automation solution in white label.
  • 2012: M2M Solution and Castorama announced the commercial launch of Blyssbox, a complete automation solution. Blyssbox is Plug & Play and affordable for the mass market.
  • 2014: Sagemcom chooses M2M Solution's technology for its Intwo box.
  • 2015: M2M Solution and Myxyty raise 1.7 million euros to accelerate their development. Swisscom launches SmartLife its home automation solution developed by M2M Solution. M2M Solution also signs a commercial agreement with Neotion to embedd home automation solution in Neotion’s Box and therefore enrich NEotion’s value proposition. This project called NeoHome was announced on IBC, in September 2015.

For more information on M2M Solution's history, click here.

M2M Solution managing team

Let us introduce you to M2M Solution's managing team:

  • Arnaud Duclap, C.O.O. (42 years)
    Arnaud has a diploma of EFREI (Engineer) and a MBA at HEC. After 8 years spent at Texas Instrument as Business Development Manager, Arnaud joined M2M Solution as COO and Business development Manager five years ago.

  • Olivier Pomatto, Technical Director (42 years)
    Olivier in an entrepreneur: he cofounded his first company 16 years ago and ran it as CTO. He decided after 8 years to join Olivier Courtade in the IoT adventure and became technical architect for M2M Solution. Recognized by his peers and boss, he became CTO in 2015.

  • Céline Corvisier, Business Services Director (39 years)
    Céline graduated from EDHEC business school and has a diploma in Audit and Finance. She spent 4 years as mass market Marketing Manager at Orange, another year at Lexis Nexis, and 3 years as Marketing and Communication Director in a startup (pure player). She joined M2M Solution in 2011 as Business Services Director and is in charge of key accounts, Marketing and Communication.

  • Frederic Pascal, Chief Financial Officer (41 years)
    Graduated from Euromed Marseille Business School and has a master's degree of business law (Aix en Provence). Frederic started his career at Deloitte in France before a move to Madrid in Spain during 2 years ("Deloitte French Desk"). From 2009, he was in charge of the new Deloitte office in Cannes as Office Manager. He joined M2M solution in 2012.

  • Daniel Tsvetanov, CTO and CEO of M2M Solution Bulgaria (40 years)
    Daniel has a Ph.D. in Electronic Systems and a MBA. With more than 10 years' experience in the field of embedded system, Daniel created his company in Bulgaria and had it join M2M Solution in 2009.

M2M Solution's team of experts

The technical team provides the core know-how of M2M Solution. Let us introduce them to you:

  • Thibaut is head of embedded software,
  • Christophe, is head of Graphical User Interfaces development,
  • Thierry, is head of Hardware and Supply Chain,
  • Julien is responsible for IT system administration,
  • Vanessa, is delivery manager, SCRUM Master and project manager,
  • Seifeddine, are embedded software developers,
  • Mohamed is platform developer,
  • Manuel, Bertrand, are front end developers,
  • William and Samy are testers,
  • Asen, firmware design,
  • Stanislav, Stefan and Daniel, hardware/software design & testing Support.

Inès support the team and the activity on accountancy and administrative jobs.


Spontaneous applications

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