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Our partners

M2M Solution masters the machine-to-machine chain from A to Z. On each brick of this chain, M2M Solution has chosen the best technological industry partners to accompany and support its solutions.

Services and Business

M2M Solution also has strong partnership with reliable players for Service and Business development. Our partners promote our solutions all over the world and help us accelerate our solutions' deployment.

During CES 2017, M2M Solution unveiled its worldwide partnership with IBM in Las Vegas. IBM Watson's cognitive functions are brought into MyxyPod brought and offer large spectrum of voice enabled services. M2M Solution was chosen to integrate the 1st Scale Zone program in IBM's headquarters in Paris.

Altran is a French consulting company with international dimension. Altran is a privileged partner of M2M Solution who promotes M2M Solution's products and accompanies the delivery of development projects in partnership with M2M Solution.

Leader in secured Internet payment, Ogone allows billing and direct debit on all types of cards in over 25 countries (30 million electronic transactions annually).

Paybox is a company specialized in secured payment via Internet and a major competitor of Ogone.

Caiman Design is a design agency specialized in the design of consumer electronics products. Caiman Design is particularly involved in the UNADEV project.

is a French company created in 1963 who created the concept of assistance. Europ Assistance is now a global provider of assistance services to people in the fields of health, home and family life, automotive and travel. Europ Assistance watches over more than 300 million clients worldwide thanks to its 8,200 employees, 44 companies and branches in 33 countries and its network of 425,000 partners active in the field. Myxyty choose Europ Assistance for his partner on on complementary services for automation solutions developed by M2M Solution.

The " French Tech " means all those working for French start-ups in France or abroad . Primarily contractors, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, major groups, associations, media, public operators, research institutes ... who are committed to the growth and international influence of startups.

Through its DECLIC plan, the Employment House of the CASA offers to SMEs a free support and a unique interlocutor for their human resources management : Recruitment of the first employee, mobilizable financial aids, professional training programs...
The Employment House units locally and act with all the public actors for employment/training and economic development.


M2M Solution designs its own Hardware. To do this, we rely on serious partners in the field of Electronics, who can accompany us on a large scale international deployment :

BMS CIRCUITS is a former Partenariats Sagemcom activity. European leader in electronic industrialization and manufacturing, BMS CIRCUITS has since 2013, strengthened his department in order to accompany M2M Solution's development and growth.
As a subsidiary of the ALL CIRCUITS Alliance, BMS CIRCUITS benefits from a direct access to sectors needed by M2M Solution for the development of their solutions.

AsteelFlash group is the worldwide leader in the field of electronic manufacturing partner with M2M Solution from the very beginning.
As an international group, Asteel is a great asset for M2M Solution for significant deals all around the world.

AVIDSEN is a French company whose mission is to create, develop and sell accessories for openings, video surveillance and home automation systems, already highly appreciated by many European customers. AVIDSEN is a major player who is already working for groups such as Kingfisher.

Texas Instruments is a technological partner of M2M Solution. M2M Solution has integrated OMAP core in its products to design a state-of-the art and nevertheless affordable product. TI has a strong communication strategy and visibility on events.

Sierra Wireless is the global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) devices and cloud services, offering intelligent solutions that simplify the connected world. Sierra Wireless is M2M Solution’s partner on GSM modems.

Delta Dore provides white labeled sensors as well as its proprietary protocol X2D that is used in many security and automation solutions. Supplier of electronic and automation solutions, Delta Dore has already distributed more than 6 million sensors.

Aeon Labs is a company that designs, develops and manufactures wireless accessories in the field of smart home. Aeon Labs is a leading actor of the connected home sector and partner with M2M Solution.

Fibaro is a company distributing the Fibaro Home Automation System and Fibaro’s smart home sensors. Fibaro uses the Z-Wave technology and is compliant with M2M Solution’s systems.


The Network is a crucial brick of any machine-to-machine solution. We rely on serious partners in the field to offer our customers the best service quality.

Signing an exclusive contract with SFR has enabled M2M Solution to offer its customers a cheap SIM card dedicated to machine-to-machine use and a high quality network.

Netsize enables connection to more than 100 telecom operators worldwide, thus ensuring interoperability of SMS alerts sent by the platform on end customers' mobile phones.

Completel is a telecom operator exclusively dedicated to corporate customers and specialized in high speed telecom solutions. M2M Solution uses the group's network infrastructure for the deployment of interactive voice solutions.

Monaco Telecom is a reference among the global operators of telecommunications and offers a complete platform able to monitor M2M Solution's with hosting services totally secured. These offers are operated in multi-sites (in and out Monaco city) guaranteeing a quality of secure services.


Our software partners accompany M2M Solution on the development of reliable software transversal solutions. Technologies embedded in our applications, are either developed in-house or by reliable partners of ours:

Sendero group is specialized in the development of GPS system for blind people. Their state of the art solution (Seeing Eye GPS for the U.S. and Canada and RNIB Navigator for Europe) is the only fully accessible turn-by-turn apps for the iDevices and is integrated in M2M Solution’s system for Hibou.

Ainsi Soit TEL Company is specialized in IVR services since more than 15 years. Performance and reliability of this phone platform allow M2M Solution to offer end users to access their service through reliable IVR.

Finance and banks

HSBC is one of the biggest groups in the banking sector. HSBC is present in more than 87 countries and decided to support M2M Solution in its financial development.
HSBC has been supporting M2M Solution for several years from a financial standpoint.

BNP Paribas is one of the best rated banks in the world (Rated AA – by Standrad & Poor's, on January 23rd, 2012). The Group is present in nearly 80 countries with 200.000 employees, including over 150.000 in Europe.

Crédit Agricole is an international generalist French bank known for its traditional business serving the agricultural world and long known as the green bank. Crédit Agricole has been a financial partner of M2M Solution since 2015.