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Our solutions

At M2M Solution we have a simple yet ambitious objective: have all homes equipped with an automation solution, to provide them a better comfort and more services at home.

We want our technological expertise to serve individuals. We have already identified many home services that are our main focus for our developments...

The following services are presented individually hereafter but M2M Solution can combine them all in a global home solution with a plug and play experience and very limited costs.

Multimedia services at home

Amongst other projects, our R&D team studies a range of automation solutions to manage multimedia at home.

  • Automation Pod: is a dock for your Iphone or MP3 player that embeds automation features on top of other functionnalities (power supply when the device is plugged, music player and sound amplifyer...). The automation features enable the management of home services such as security, energy management etc,

  • MyxyPod's example (developped for MYXYTY): Awarded with the IoT Innovation World cup 2016 (for Connected home category), MyxyPod offers all the benefits of multiroom sound speaker as well as a home automation Gateway. Thanks to its Add-ons, it evolves with the user’s needs and keeps getting new features (vocal control, new range of sensors, embedded camera, ambiance lighting, etc.).

Home security

Security is a primary need: we want to secure our goods and assure the safety of people we love. That is the reason why we have put a specific focus on security and developed a full home security and safety solution:

  • a secured service platform that guarantees the best service availability and storage of security data (history of actions, video recordings etc.),
  • more than hundreds of sensors in the field of home security and safety,
  • an home automation gateway that embeds GSM rescue (in case of Internet failure) and a battery (for power failure),
  • an alerting system allowing real time and multi-media alerting in order to warn users in case a problem is detected at their home,
  • a permanent access to user interfaces with real time information on the security and surveillance system, reachable from any device (computers, tablets, smartphones or even through a simple phone thanks to an IVR).).

Using our Security Solution :

  • Thanks to our Security Solutions, users can monitor and control their home security system at any time and from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, phone...).
  • Users are alerted in real time in case of an intrusion, or in any kind of danger (water leak, fire start...).
  • They can see what's going on inside and outside their homes at any time thanks to video cameras, play an alert message to scare thieves and contact the police directly in case of actual problem.
  • They are also alerted in case of power or Internet failure and are aware of which accessory has low battery.

As a matter of fact, the user manages and controls remotely the security and safety of his home and therefore benefits from more serenity...

Some of our customers have put a major focus of their strategy on security (Myxyty, Neotion or Castorama).

In order to see and play with our user interfaces, you can login on the following applications:

solutions demo myxyty myxybox

Myxyty's home security & safety solution.
Login: demo2
Password: demo2

solutions demo castorama blyssbox

Castorama's automation Blyssbox.
(No login required)

Energy consumption management

A present-day issue

On top of ecological issues, energy consumption has brought a new economical challenge: people want to rationalize their consumption, in order to reduce their energy bill.

M2M Solution contributes to a better energy management: our energy solutions allow users to monitor, control and program scenarios for optimized energy consumption. They can easily lower a room's temperature by one degree when nobody is in the room, schedule dishwasher and washing machine in off-peak periods or stop heaters when a window is open.

Monitor, control and save...

M2M Solution gathers several elements inside its energy management Solution such as:

  • More than 30 accessories in the field of energy monitoring and control, as well as accessories to manage openings, lights and devices at home. These accessories communicate in real-time with the home automation gateway,
  • An home automation gateway very sober in terms of energy consumption and embedding rescue GSM (in case of Internet failure) and a battery (in case of power failure). This allows a permanent monitoring and recording of energy consumption data,
  • A secured service platform that guarantees a full availability of the service and a permanent storage of all energy consumption data,
  • A real-time monitoring and control of all home appliances via all interfaces and terminals (tablets, computer, smartphone...),
  • Pre-programmed scenarios allow users to easily gain comfort and energy savings according to their own living habits,
  • Those scenarios can also be related to the weather station : that way the gateway can automatically close the blind when the outside temperature is higher than 30°C.

Using our Energy Management solution

  • Thanks to our Energy Solutions, users can monitor and control their energy consumption, playing with pre-programmed scenarios for comfort and optimization.
  • Users are alerted when their energy consumption has reached a certain level and they can more easily benefit from off-peak tarifs on electricity and save money. They can have more sustainable consumption habits.

Automation and comfort at home

It is probably the most common and well known usage of automation: control lights, openings and appliances through an integrated system.

This includes:

Aging in place and healthcare solutions

With the explosion of the number of elderly, the issue of aging-in-place and hospitalization costs become crucial.

M2M Solution has conceived aging-in-place and healthcare solutions allowing elderly to grow old at home with an automation health support. Users can be connected in real time to their relatives and have them warned in case of problem. Children are reassured while parents can keep their autonomy and stay home instead of specialized and expensive institutions.

Our Health care solutions are composed of:

  • a range of accessories dedicated to Health (panic button, blood pressure sensor...) connected in real time to the home automation gateway,
  • an home automation gateway embedding rescue GSM (in case of Internet failure) and a battery (in case of power failure). That way users stay connected to their relatives and can be alerted in real-time,
  • a secured service platform that guarantees a full availability of the service and a permanent link with relatives and doctors,
  • scenarios based on information gathered by sensors and accessories. As a matter of fact security sensors can be used to health care ends: a motion sensor can be used to warn if the person has not been detected in more than x hours. A panic button will also directly send an alert either to the nurse in charge or to the relatives.

Other home services

At M2M Solution we believe that automation can provide an extra comfort and a better autonomy to people who could be marginalized by age handicap, or health issues. On top of the aging-in-place solutions that we have developed, we are also working on the following projects:

  • m2msolution HIBOU
    HIBOU: this project is developed in partnership with UNADEV HIBOU project aims at giving blind and visually impaired their autonomy back. It is composed of a fixed phone that stays at home and a mobile phone / pendent that the user takes with him wherever he goes.

    The user can, thanks to his equipment, benefits from all home services described earlier (Security, Energy, Automation, Health). The user benefits from GPS, mobile phone features and also video assistance through the embedded camera of his pendent.

    For a better understanding of HIBOU project, you can play the following demo.

  • m2msolution senioretv
    Senior e-TV: this solution has been designed for the elderly's comfort. We transform the TV set into an home automation gateway. That way the user easily finds all his services on the TV menu: he can easily manage his home security, automation, energy management etc.