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Our technology

M2M Solution is one the few integrators of machine-to-machine with a strong expertise on the whole technological chain. Hardware, firmware, networks, service platform, applications, user interfaces and business services: each expertise is combined together to create M2M Solution's technology that is a major advantage over our competition.

Machine-to-machine chain expertise


On what gateway?

Fully customized,
gateways and sensors,
(plastics, firmware,
electronic board...).

Electronics, Firmware and manufacturing


What network will the solution use?

Wired and wireless transmission,

Communication protocols, telecom skills


What server platform do you need?
Back-end development,
Configuration and Setup,
OSS and Billing,

Server and Back-end development


How will you manage this service?

Web interface,
Vocal server,
Statistics BackOffice.

HMI and Application development


What service do you want to deliver?

We help you specifying your needs and coordinate developments and roadmap.

Project management skills

  Electronics / Hardware

Electronics designed by M2M Solution:
more evolutivity for fewer costs.

Electronics is a master piece of the service we provide. Therefore M2M Solution masters Hardware design (thanks to its R&D department based in Bulgaria) and industrialization (based on strong partnerships with industrials) of its product from an electronics point of view.
As a result M2M Solution is able to offer its corporate clients a state-of-the-art Hardware with great evolutivity and lower costs.

Our i-automation gateways

our i-domotics gateways

Automation USB key
(USB RF peripheral)

Our USB Key turns any computer, DSL Router, TV or any multimedia devices into an automation gateway.

  • Embeds RF 868 and Z-wave protocols,
  • USB connection,
  • Video-surveillance throught PC webcam or external camera,
  • Automation scenarios management and home services management.

(Upgradable DSL Hub)

High end automation evolves with dongles management. The hub allows a great evolutivity thanks to dongles that can be added (like RF Dongle, GSM backup Dongle...).

  • Embeds RF 868 and Z-wave protocols,
  • USB connection,
  • Power button and 3 buttons,
  • Power supply and Battery,
  • Integrated siren,
  • Microphone,
  • Central light,
  • Additional dongles (WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee...).

(Home Automation Box)

High end automation talking Gateway to easily manage all home services.

  • Embedded protocols: RF 868 and 433 MHz protocols, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi,
  • USB and ethernet connection,
  • Audio out/Video out,
  • Speakers,
  • SD card,
  • Power button and touch buttons,
  • Power supply and battery,
  • Integrated siren,
  • Wide angle video camera,
  • Microphone,
  • Central light.

M2M Solution has a range of gateways for all usage and budget: from the cheap USB Key that turns any computer, NAS, TV or DSL box into an automation gateway, to the high end Homebox with lots of features included.

M2M Solution’s intelligence inside your own Hardware

M2M Solution’s intelligence can also be integrated in your own Hardware. DSL box, connected TV and lots of other electronic devices can integrate M2M Solution’s software and benefit from home automation features.

Wireless sensors

The gateway, no matter its format (standalone Gateway or integrated in an existing Hardware) communicates with a wide range of accessories proposed by M2M Solution or chosen by the corporate client to be integrated with M2M Solution's system.

M2M Solution offers a range of hundreds of sensors for different services at home. It is today the widest range of accessories connected to such a service on the market.

M2M Solution uses its own communication protocols in RF 868 MHz and the Zwave protocol. M2M Solution was granted with the Zwave+ certification in 2015.

The micro module SBC

The M2M Solution OMAP Module is a tiny (45mmx23mm), ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP35xx based computer-on-module that communicates via Bluetooth, is low cost, high performance and production ready. Network connects your product and manages it wirelessly, while the Cortex-A8, DSP and 3D acceleration deliver the performance you crave.

Take benefit as well of the multimedia capability of the module with camera inputs, Audio/Video outputs and the capability of the OMAP processor as universal Multimedia Encoder/Decoder/Transcoder.

The module includes all vital peripherals/Interfaces and is ready to run embedded operating system such as Linux 2.6.

Use the standalone module to develop your application software and then migrate to the ready to be soldered module for mass production. Such module can directly be soldered by automatic SMD machines.

The M2M Solution µSBC module can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Machine-to-Machine gateways
  • Personal Navigation Devices
  • Portable Computing
  • Digital Signage appliances
  • Point-of-Sale terminals/Vending Machines
  • Portable Human Machine Interfaces
  • eBooks
  • IP Network cameras
  • Video Conferencing appliances
  • Connected Multimedia Jukeboxes and Photo Frame Viewers
  • Network Access Servers
  • Industrial Calculators
  • Many others...

Download micro SBC technical sheet.

  Networks and communication protocols

Communication protocols

On top of the Electronics M2M Solution keeps hold on the communication protocols that are embedded in its products. These protocols allow the communication between the gateway and all the accessories around.

Amongst others our products can embed Zigbee, Z-wave, RF 868 and RF433, Wifi, Bluetooth...

By embedding many protocols inside a gateway, M2M Solution offers its clients transversal services with many accessories for security, energy management, automation and comfort, health etc.

Our team in charge of Firmware and protocols is located in Sophia Antipolis, France.

A perfect integration with Telecom operators and their SIM cards

M2M Solution has negotiated partnership agreements with Telecom operators to offer an all inclusive solutions. The SIM card can also be part of our solutions and allows communication between the electronic module and our server.

The SIM card and the communication contract cover all kind of communications that can be done through our machine-to-machine applications. The contract offered to our clients allows for instance GPS positioning, video data via 3G network and much more use that can be needed by the end user.

We have negotiated low prices that enable our corporate clients to deploy internationally if they want, with no extra cost.
Some of our clients (especially telecom operators) prefer using their own network and SIM card. Obviously M2M Solution can interconnect its platform and service with that network in order to the service running normally. In that case, the corporate client deals with all communications directly with the end user.

 Our service platform: true authentication and data security

Our service platform is a major competitive advantage for our solutions. The heart of the application platform is based on a multimedia Machine-to-Machine server technology, including a complex Clients/Subscriber database, directly interconnected to the telecom operators. This operational command center decodes processes and redistributes all information through its various Machine to Machine tools.

The diagram below explains the architecture principle of M2M Solution's service platform:

Service platform architecture

technology secured platform

M2M Solution's service platform has great benefits for our clients:

  • A REST Oriented Architecture: if REST has become a standard of the industry, it is because it is an optimal choice for machine-to-machine. It allows massive deployments, a great flexibility, scalability, and modularity.
  • A 3-Tier scalable architecture on 7 different kinds of servers:

    • Communication servers,
    • Applications servers,
    • Video servers,
    • File servers,
    • Database servers,
    • Firmware update servers,
    • Communication servers with Gateways.

    M2M Solution made technical choices in order to benefit from the best scalability of all servers all at once and the extension to new physical or virtual servers.
  • Encrypted access to the platform for the best data security.
  • Last but not least M2M Solution uses JSON in order to optimize data transfer for User Interfaces.

Our team in charge of the service platform is located in Sophia Antipolis, France.


Applications are often the visible part of the iceberg for end users and therefore a masterpiece of machine-to-machine solutions. Under "Application" we find end-users interfaces to control and manage their homes, as well as back office interfaces that allow our corporate customers to manage their own customers or have a partner managing them on their behalf. The applications give a real time access to the service and its subscribers. They are accessible in multi-language and cover lots of different services (back office, end-users billing...).

Our applications are a strong added-value for our customers

Our Applications team, based in Sophia Antipolis is composed of web experts (Java, Flash/Flex...) and mobile experts (WAP, IPhone, Android...). Our very user-friendly user interfaces is a center of excellence of M2M Solution's expertise. User experience and navigation is a major focus of our team who continuously improves its work according to new web standards and best practices online.

Our applications and user interfaces are fully customizable under our customers' brands and according to their needs for applications features.

A modular applicative architecture

Applications developed by M2M Solution are easily accessible through Internet. An administrator can easily manage the applications through a secured and dedicated Extranet.

Therefore our customers need neither a software implementation nor a network connection to M2M Solution's engine. Moreover, third party's applications can be easily added through Web Services; this makes our solutions even more modular and customizable.

A service with high availability

Our solutions in ASP offer more advantages and functionalities than "point to point" solutions for instance (dedicated computer with equipment and proprietary software).


Last but not least M2M Solution offers its customers a full range of business services:

  • Project analysis and needs specifications,
  • Project management and follow up with team coordination, tests & validation,
  • End user direct billing in white label (with online branded invoices, connection with payment platform such as Ogone, HSBC...),
  • Documentation and user guides writing and printing (quick start of the solution...),
  • Translation of applications and/or documentation in other languages,
  • Training on applications and technological transfer to allow the customer the best application management and use of back office tools,
  • Applications maintenance,
  • Platform hosting,
  • Technical support level 3,
  • Possible partnerships to complete the service (for instance : Europe Assistance). . Platform development and connection through a back office for third parties is also part of M2M Solution's expertise and value proposition. For instance, an interface dedicated for a video surveillance company, insurances or a call center.