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Our vision

The market

The Internet of Things is all around us. Smart home solutions must join a wider landscape and offer end users a smooth and consistent experience. Open is the key word that drives al our developments at M2M Solution.

We are always looking for the next innovation and the simplest way to use it. That is the reason why M2M Solution (and its commercial partner Myxyty) has received many awards (Connected objects Trophy in 2014, Innovation great prize in 2015 and IoT Innovation World cup in 2016).

According to ABI research, automation market revenue will be weigh more than 11.8 billion euros in 2015. Automation is no longer some kind of geeky gadget for rich people: during the last 5 years, home automation has evolved to legitimate its use in everyone's home.
At M2M Solution, we believe that by offering people simple plug & play solutions to connect their homes, we will bring more comfort at home for everyone.

Our strategic targets are players who are able to democratize automation usage and bring them to end users. Castorama, Neotion or Myxyty are examples of our business development strategy: we want all homes to be connected and smart in order to provide people with a better comfort and a wider range of services at home.

M2M Solution's value proposition

On this highly technological branch, M2M Solution offers its corporate customers great competitive advantages:

  • great reactivity and reduced time-to-market: M2M Solution is able to propose shorter timeframe for the commercial launch of its corporate clients' solutions. It only takes our team around 6 months to develop each element of a fully customized solution, thanks to more than 15 years of work of our Research & Development department.

  • white labeled solutions (branded after our corporate client) and fully customized solution to better meet our client's needs.

  • expertise on the whole machine-to-machine technological chain: therefore our corporate clients only need to face one contact for their entire project. Another option is to entrust M2M Solution one part of the job, whatever it is, and take care of the rest, by themselves (Electronics, customized graphic user interfaces...). Such flexibility is a great asset, according to our clients.

  • state of the art technology: our team of machine-to-machine experts is continuously looking for improvements of our solutions and let all our corporate clients benefit from the evolutions we make.

  • a transversal offer on services: we develop all-in-one solutions that can manage many verticals such as goods' and people's security, Energy consumption Management, Aging in place and health care solutions, Automation and comfort solutions all at once. We allow as many accessories and sensors as needed in order to meet our clients' needs for each vertical.

  • reduced cost and limited financial risk for our corporate clients: we are able to offer our client a smart business model based on an aggressive monthly fee per user :

Our value chain


Service platform

Home/Offices securing
Automated distribution
Smart metering
Health applications

Automotive, Transports
Living (Human, Animals)
Boats, Containers

Service provider
Software provider

Our customer target

M2M Solution's goal is to have each household equipped with easy-to-use and affordable automation systems, and provide end users with a better comfort. To reach this goal M2M Solution need to rely on actors who are able to democratize connected homes and offer home services directly to end users. M2M Solution is willing to offer its solutions primarily to these actors.

Home automation players

End users





Electronic suppliers

Home player

Telecom operators

Telecom operators already have a foot inside each and every household. They can legitimately propose new home services manageable through our Smartphones, tablets or computers. The Swisscom and its solution SmartLife is an example of initiatives that are being thoroughly analysed by many telecom operators worldwide.

Utilities operators

Utilities operators: people and governments have never been more concerned about Energy Management consumption and optimization. Monitoring, automatizing and reducing the energy bill is a crucial challenge that can be solved thanks to home automation. Utilities operators can provide new services at home based on a better energy consumption, more comfort at home and a lot more...

Banks and insurances

Insurances already offer their clients customized contracts based on their own situation/consumption etc. Home automation gives even more opportunities to really stick to each customer's needs and offer him the best insurance contract according to his way of life. That's a great opportunity that M2M Solution is already discussing with many banks and insurances... Obviously our solutions allow them new business opportunities with home services in many different fields.

Electronics manufacturers

Electronics manufacturers can easily upgrade their products (TV, MP3 docks...) with home automation features. For instance, our TV could be the interface to program life scenarios and manage security and surveillance, lights, multimedia, energy consumption, shades and heaters at home.

Mass market retailers and home builders

Home builders play an obvious role in the home automation market penetration... By building the right infrastructure they are the first enablers for connected homes. Home automation systems provide them with a great value. Therefore, many of them consider packaging home automation systems with their new constructions.
On the other hand retail stores address the other part of the residential market: the existing homes. Kingfisher Group is a great example of what retail stores can accomplish with our solutions. They can directly address end users and democratize home services by offering affordable plug & play automation products. Myxyty is another example of (online) retail store that can democratize i-domotic usage.

Internet's majors

Major players such as Google, Microsoft already have initiatives in the field of energy management or other verticals that we address. With 15 years of Research & Development in the field M2M Solution has developed a strong expertise that can be a competitive advantage on the market. So think some of these players who contacted us. They are legitimate to propose all-in-one solutions and provide homes with a better comfort.